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Answers To Your Elder Law Questions

At the Law Office of Scott E. Collins, PLLC, we know that the idea of elder law in general is confusing. WeCollins want to make the lives of Madison County residents easier by helping people understand the issues that affect them (their loved ones, their assets and homes) as they age.

Elder Law FAQ

The first step to understanding elder law issues is to address the myths, questions and concerns that we most often come across. We thought we would start here by answering some of the most frequently asked questions.

Medicare will take care of my Medical needs in my later years, right?

No. Medicare will cover only certain parts of your medical needs. In fact, when it comes to extended care that is very common for healing from a fall, Medicare will only cover a few weeks of care. There are other benefits that can cover those medical needs, but without proper planning, many families will lose all of their savings and even lose their home in order to cover these extremely high costs of health care.

And this is where we can help you most. It is our perspective that no one should work for their entire life to pass on their money or property to their heirs, only to lose them at the end of their life.

If I use my Medicaid benefits, am I taking it away from people who need it more than I do?

No. You've paid into this program your entire career. By taking what you've earned, you are not causing anyone else to lose out.

How can the standard health care cost be so harmful?

We all dream of our later years being restful times along side those we love. We all want to slip away peacefully in our own homes, while asleep one night.

The fact is that 80% of us will pass away in a medical facility. Most will require several years of intensive medical care prior to our passing, and the last year of our life will often cost more that the decade leading up to that point.

Average cost in the State of Kentucky for a Skilled Nursing Facility is $70,000.00 per year. Certain Medical bills may be in addition to that amount. These costs will quickly cripple a person's savings. Others sale their house in order to afford these expenses, and then within a few years are broke and have no where to live except with family members. Then they have nothing to leave behind for those they love.

We can help you avoid this disaster.

I have been told that I have to Spend-down my assets in order to qualify for Medicaid. Is that true?

There are strict requirements for obtaining Medicaid benefits to pay for long-term care coverage. However, we recommend any person seeking benefits for Long-term Care coverage through Medicaid seek an Experienced Elder Law Attorney before applying. You may be able to protect all or a sizeable part of your Estate with the help we can provide. The sooner you see us, the more we can protect you.

Do I need a Power of Attorney or Guardianship for my aging Parent when she goes into a Nursing Home Skilled Nursing Facility?

The differences between types of Guardianship and the process of getting and maintaining guardianship are complex. In guardianship, a person gives up their personal (Constitutional) rights to the guardian, who assumes the responsibility over them.

Power of Attorney is very important to obtain early when the person still has the capacity to give such power to someone they trust. A Power of Attorney must be set up carefully when it comes to Elder Law, otherwise it will not be effective. Many clients who contact our office for assistance have a Power of Attorney that was previously drafted incorrectly. For the issues that we face in long-term care planning and Asset Protection, we need to re-do these Powers of Attorney.

Be sure an contact an Elder Law attorney for your Power of Attorney or Guardianship concerns.

Aren't I too young to start thinking about this?

You are truly never too young to start planning for the future. With all of the uncertainties of life, you never know what tomorrow may bring. By taking control and planning ahead, your preparedness will protect you and your loved ones.

Once a person is 18 years old, has children, owns personal or real property, or is married, they need a this type of planning.

Often, people assume that being married means they have the legal right to make important emergency decisions for their spouse. Or if they die that their possessions will go to their surviving spouse. Without a Will and a Power of Attorney, this are not the case.

Can you help?

Whether this is a brand new scenario for you or one you've been dealing with for years, there are always options. From feeling helpless about your financial situation to being confused about Medicaid, in nearly every circumstance, there are possibilities to explore and ways to make life easier.

Do I need a trust?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to planning your estate. Although many people have heard that they need a trust, in some situations, a trust is beyond what you truly need. I will keep things simple and offer you honest advice on what will best protect your wishes.

One of the essential services that we provide our clients is an analysis of your specific situation with personalized recommendations for your unique circumstances and concerns. Based upon this analysis and the recommendations your make the choices for other services that we may provide you.

How Do You Price Your Services?

We offer a free consultation for Meeting You and for you to get to know about Our Attorney and service. Based upon that Meet and Greet consultation, you can determine if you would like specific services or for us to do our intial Strategy Report for a flat fee. All strategies that we recommend contain detailed explanations of the cost benefits and the price for us to implement that strategy for you for a flat fee as well. Most legal services our Law Firm provides as based on flat fees so that you know what your costs will be before your choose to hire us.

We do have a very demanding schedule, and our attorney is in high demand. However, if our services do not meet your needs, we are happy to provide names of other attorneys that can assist you.

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