The Elder Law Practice of Scott E. Collins, PLLC The Elder Law Practice of Scott E. Collins, PLLC
Protecting Families from the Loss of Everything they Own to the Extreme Cost of Long-term Health Care Here To Serve The People Of Madison And Surrounding Counties In Richmond, Kentucky

Helping Families Plan Ahead

At the Law Office of Scott E. Collins, PLLC, our goal is to help Madison County families make plans for theCollins future. We have a unique understanding of the many options available as our attorney is dedicated entirely to elder law. He has spent his career in caregiving roles, and he has continued that mission in his commitment to elder law.

What Is Elder Law?

Elder law affects a wide range of people. From the children whose parents are about to transition into assisted living to those looking to make their own plans for the future, no matter what season of life you are in, elder law issues may affect you. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Long-term care planning
  • Helping you understand Medicaid benefits for long-term care
  • Protecting Assets from Extreme Cost of long-term care
  • Creating a will or trust, ensuring your estate goes to whom YOU want
  • Assisting with VA benefits, Pension and Aid & Attendance
  • Probate and estate administration
  • Preventing and defending against Elder Abuse and Neglect

What makes the field of Elder Law particulaly challenge is that one detail in an area of your situation can have a tremendous impact on the legal and financial planning needs in another area of your life. As a result, this is a highly specialized area that without a skilled Elder Law attorney guiding you, the cconsequences can cost you thousands of dollars and months of trouble to correct.

We Can Help You Regain Control

As the end of life approaches, it's common to feel like everything is out of your control. Our aim is to help you remain in control so that you can continue to be in a position of strength and guidance for future generations. By making these plans in advance, you'll also reduce the stress your loved ones will go through during an already difficult time. The more you plan ahead, the less your children will have to do during a time when they should be able to grieve.

Though it's a painful reality to accept, when plans aren't made in advance and it's left to the children to handle the estate, this often leads to ruined relationships and long-term tension. Some simple planning can alleviate future complexities.

When You're Ready To Make Plans, We Are Here

Whether you are trying to understand your Medicaid benefits, or you are planning for decades down the road, we are here to help. Please call us at 859-554-3462 to schedule a free initial consultation with our lawyer at your Kentucky home or anywhere that is most convenient for you. You can also reach us online.

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